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Autumn Firewood Sale
Deliveries start 1st September 2021
and taking orders from 15th August.

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Hardwood Logs Price List

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two bags
Mix Hardwood Logs (50% oak/beech)


Oak and/or Beech Logs


Ash Logs


Kindling in small nets


for 3 bags
Woodchip Mulch is sometimes available in bags or transit loads

Logs are delivered in 850x850x850mm bags (0.6cu m) which are retained for re-use.
Mix hardwood logs are 100% hardwood made up of 50% oak/beech and 50% other hardwoods

Bulk Discount: £10 off the second, third, etc bag ordered to the same or nearby address.

Payment by Bank Transfer, Cash, or Cheque

My Standard Logs are under 10in long
Frequently Asked Questions

To order your logs and any enquiries:

call/text Rebecca or Andrew on 07919 830336 (9am - 6pm only please)
or email:
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Keep warm this winter with a real wood fire - Surrey Firewood produce seasoned hardwood logs for the best quality firewood that is ready for you to burn

Seasond Hardwood Oak Logs ready for free delivery

Bulk Bag of Seasond Hardwood Logs ready for delivery

Seasond Hardwood Logs split by hand

Stack of seasoned oak logs ready for sale

A bulk bag of seasoned hardwood logs
ready for delivery

 Freshly split birch logs ready for seasoning

The Surrey Firewood Guarantee: We will replace any log that does not fit in your burner or is not to your satisfaction if you tell us when you order your next load.


HETAS & Woodsure. Ready to Burn. New rules for firewood sales
The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards England) Regulations 2020

From 1st May firewood can only sold in volumes of less than 2 cubic metres (4 bags) if it is less than 20% moisture content and certified as ‘Ready to Burn’. The cost of registration with Woodsure is more than £500.

Small Scale Production:
Surrey Firewood is a small-scale wood producer as we supply much less than 600 cubic metres of wood so we have until 1 May 2022 to comply with the new Ready to Burn certification scheme.

Sales over 2 cubic metres do not need to be certified and can have a moisture content greater than 20%. You can include a note when you deliver the wood to explain it is dry. Suppliers who sell wood in volumes of 2 cubic metres or more must provide customers with this notice that explains how to dry, store and check the moisture of the wood before it is used, even if the wood is below 20% moisture content. This also applies to small-scale wood producers.

SCHEDULE 2 Regulation 8
Form of words in respect of unseasoned wood that must be sold in volumes of two cubic metres or more:

"This wood is not suitable for burning until it has been dried. You should not burn wood until it has a moisture content of 20% or less. Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt. As well as being harmful to your health and the environment, this can damage your stove and chimney and is an inefficient way to heat your home. Dry it in a sunny, well-aired space for at least two years, keeping rain off in the winter. Radial cracks and bark that comes off easily suggests wood that is ready for burning. Test the wood when you think it is ready for burning, ideally with a moisture meter. First calibrate the meter and then measure a freshly split surface to get the best reading."

Seasoned Hardwood Birch Logs + Seasoned Hardwood Sweet Chestnut Logs +Seasoned Hardwood Beech Logs +Seasoned Hardwood Oak Logs +Surrys Best Dry Seasoned Hardwoood Logs = Bulk Bag of Dry Seasoned Hardwood Logs. Ready for Delivery
We pack more than five heaped wheelbarrow loads of logs into each bulk bag = 0.6 cu m


Hardwood timber from our tree surgery business is cut and split into logs, then seasoned at our yard before delivery to you.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Burn logs to replace some of your fossil fuel heating.
Wood is classed as a carbon neutral fuel source. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
When wood is burnt carbon dioxide is released again, but overall there is no net gain in carbon dioxide emissions.
The trick is to ensure we do not use more than we grow each year.


Log prices for this winter:
Seasoned hardwood logs. Ready to burn.
Ash Logs: £95 per bulk bag.
Oak Logs: £85 per bulk bag.
Mixed Hardwood (50% oak): £75 per bulk bag.
Budget mixed hardwood: £65 per bulk bag.
Kindling £3.50/ small bag or £10/3 bags.
Woodchip: £30 per bulk bag
Woodchip - Transit tipper load £80 or £50/half load
SPECIAL OFFER: £10 off the second bag when you order two bags.

Forestry Commission leaflet: Wood as Fuel - a guide to choosing and drying logs .pdf (1.26Mb) - Birch Logs

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